The Newest Way to Raise Money for Charity: Lap Dances


Lap Dance for Charity

A Scottish strip club offered “guilt free” lap dances for charity.
Image: Shutterstock

There have been a lot of creative money making schemes over the years, and those who run charities may just know that the best out of everyone. Running a charity is a difficult thing to do, and nonprofits must keep their costs low and donations high. But luckily for many charities, lots of businesses are working harder these days to be more philanthropically involved. Corporate social responsibility is an aspect of business that has become more important to customers over the years, and companies that host charity drives not only get to look good—they also get to donate to a good cause.

But for some businesses, it’s a little harder to host a charity drive. Sure, a restaurant or retail store can donate portions of proceeds to charity, but what about businesses like, say, a strip club? What do they have to offer?

Apparently, the answer is this: lap dances. A strip club in Edinburgh, Scotland, named Burke and Hare decided to raise money for a “seriously injured friend” last Sunday. The strip club offered half-price (£5) lap dances for the cause, advertising free entry, drinks, promotions, and a prize draw.

“I don’t know if it’s an Edinburgh first, but we thought it was a great way to raise money for charity,” said Burke and Hare’s spokeswoman, according to Metro UK. “[It] certainly isn’t going to be your average Sunday afternoon tea and cake sale.”

“All the girls are getting a bit nervouse now as it’s nearly here but we’re hoping it will go really well,” she added.

What do you think about Burke and Hare’s money-raising methods?

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