The Robin Hood Foundation Raises $5 Million to Fight Poverty

Robin Hood Foundation logo

Investors at the Robin Hood Foundation Investor’s Conference raised over $5 million to fight poverty.

This week, leaders in global economy gathered to gain invaluable insider tips from prominent hedge fund managers, all in the name of charity. The Robin Hood Foundation hosted their inaugural “Investors Conference,” which raised $5 million for fighting poverty in NYC. 100% of the proceeds will be put towards the honorable cause, with the help from the event’s corporate sponsor, J.P. Morgan.

For a cool $7,500 a ticket, attendees gained access to the best industry trading ideas with David Tepper, Ray Dalio, and Dan Loeb. The Robin Hood Foundation released this statement prior to the event:

“The inaugural Robin Hood Investors Conference will bring together the most influential players in our global economy to debate, discuss, and share their views on today’s markets. The Robin Hood Foundation […] was founded by many of these financial visionaries who instilled a sense of fiscal acumen and accountability into the DNA of this 25-year-old organization. The tone of the conference will mirror Robin Hood’s bold, innovative, game-changing approach to fighting poverty.” 

For more than two decades, the Foundation has battled poverty in New York City, and continues to redefine the meaning of “higher returns.” The Robin Hood Foundation has an impressive Advisory Board with industry leaders like political strategist Ken Mehlman, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff, and Military Family Advocate Deborah Mullen, among others. Its Board of Directors features a distinguished group of leaders including Harvey Weinstein of The Weinsten Company, Jacklyn Bezos, President of the Bezos Family Foundation, Doug Morris, CEO of Sony, and Alan D. Schwartz, the Executive Chairman of the Guggenheim Partners, to name a few.

The Foundation’s boards boast a substantial list of industry heavyweights, of which much of its success can be attributed to. For more information about the event and the Robin Hood Foundation’s recent efforts to fight poverty, visit the organization’s website.


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