After Abuse, Henry Finds a Home

Henry, the tortured chihuahua

IMG: Denkai Animal Sanctuary

Henry, a two-year-old Chihuahua mix, made his way to an animal shelter after being found wandering around on the streets of New Mexico.  The little dog was covered in chemical burns and had apparently been used for BB gun practice as he had many BBs embedded in his fur.  The idea that anybody could hurt a cute little dog like that is infuriating, yet there was Henry – scared and alone.

The lucky thing is that he escaped his abuser and found a good humanitarian who brought him to the Denkai Animal Sanctuary in Eaton, Colo.  The organization has treated his horrific burns (from an unidentified chemical) which covered his face, paws, legs and private areas.  The scars on the tiny dog were not only physical.  He was extremely emotionally fragile following what was likely years of abuse.

Floss Blackburn, the founder of the Denkai Animal Sanctuary, said, “He was found on the run. He escaped somehow. They were never able to find out who did this to him.  You just get more and more frustrated with people and the lack of kindness and compassion.

The good thing is that Henry is beginning to trust people again.  Through using treats to tempt him, the woman that has fostered him, Dawn Leclaire, found he will now let her pick him up and pet him. 

“He is still soooo sweet. He wants to be loved on and will walk up to you then close his eyes and brace himself just hoping for a gentle touch,” said Cady McClure, the shelter’s Dog Program Coordinator in a news release. “I love him though, he forgave humans and just wants snuggles! He was burned so bad his eyes were swollen shut. He can see now just fine, and is healing up, still lots of healing to do but doing well.”

Due to all the media coverage, there were many people interested in adopting Henry.  He has since been adopted out to a loving family in a good home.  The new owner’s name has not been released.  What is known is that Henry will never be hurt again.  He will be with people who love him and will teach him about kindness. 


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