Obama and Family Attend Christmas in Washington

Christmas in Washington, DC

The Obamas showed holiday cheer at the “Christmas in Washington” event on Sunday, December 15th.
Image: Shutterstock

The Obama family is getting into the holiday spirit this year by keeping up a White House tradition: attending the annual “Christmas in Washington” charity show. The event took place on Sunday, December 15th, in Washington, D.C., and will air on TNT network television on December 20th.

Proceeds from the event go to the Children’s National Medical Center. Besides the Obama family, there are also several other well-known celebrities associated with the event. The Backstreet Boys, Sheryl Crow, Janelle Monae, Pat Monahan, and Anna Kendrick gave musical performances. Set in the National Building Museum, the event was hosted by actor Hugh Jackman.

President Obama paid tribute to his Christian roots, saying, “This is also a time to remember the story of a child born to two faithful travelers on a holy night long ago,” his words resonating with many Americans. “[L]ove the Lord, love our neighbors as we love ourselves; a teaching that has endured for generations and today it lies at the heart of my faith and millions of Americans, and billions around the globe.”

Patients from the Children’s National Medical Center got to dress up like elves and spend time with President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and the Obamas’ two daughters.

Special guest and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley also participated in the festivities. This year was the 32nd anniversary of the event, and it has been presented by TNT for a decade-and-a-half. To see the charity performance in its full glory, be sure to check it out on TNT on December 20th!


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