Where to Donate this Holiday Season

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Don’t forget to give back this holiday season.
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Christmastime brings with it a certain holiday frenzy. Between all the office parties, the insane shopping deals and family obligations, giving back to charities may sometime get lost in the holiday shuffle. Many people resort to writing a check and sending it to their church or desired cause; however, most organizations want actual donated items like toys or clothes that can be dropped off and used right away.  A quick glance around your home is all it takes to notice all the no-longer-used items perfect for donation. And the vast amount of locations for these types of charities allows for easy and quick donations—but important ones that resonate with the families that need and deserve a special holiday. Here’s a look at a few charities perfect for holiday donations.

Warm Coats and Warm Hearts®

This charity, run by Good Morning America, Burlington Coat Factory, and Fashion Delivers, is the perfect place for that old coat you never wear anymore. Their mission is to collect new and used coats to be used to keep people in need warm during the winter months. GMA promotes the organization through special interest stories. (Check a few out—they will surely tug at your heartstrings.) Coats can be dropped off at one of the 508 stores across the country, which makes this one of the easiest places to donate. Going shopping later in the week? Bring your gently-worn coat with you and drop it off before hitting the mall. Couldn’t be any easier.

< http://www.fashiondelivers.org/coatdrive&gt;

Shoeboxes of Joy®

Samaritan’s Purse International Relief runs this particular charity, and the donated items are currently being shipped to the Typhoon Relief in the Philippines this year. For anyone looking for ways to help out the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan, this is a perfect fit. This charity is also excellent for children to assist! There are requested items < http://www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/pack-a-shoe-box/&gt; that help target what to include. It’s perfect for kids as the box needs plenty of decoration and special attention. Shoeboxes can include toys, school supplies, hygiene items and a personal note.

Cell Phones for Soldiers®

Remember that brand new iPhone 5S you had to have a few months ago? Did you turn your phone back in or is it still in a drawer somewhere in your office? Cell Phones for Soldiers provides exactly what you would expect. The mission is simple: help America’s troops call home. Since 2004 they have provided more than 200 million minutes of free talk time to military members through donations. The website provides two options of donation to make it easier for interested parties. You can ship your phone or the website will locate the nearest drop-off location to you. See more information on this incredible charity here.

< http://www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com&gt;

Whether you end up donating to these charities or simply signing a check and sending it in the mail, know that every contribution matters. Sometimes $5 is all it takes to provide a child in need with a special reminder that their community loves them. Christmas and the holiday season are all about giving back, so get involved. Nothing feels better than knowing you’ve given someone the special holiday they’ve desperately needed.

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