Shift Your Shopping

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon spent this holiday season encouraging Americans to be charitable.
Image: Helga Esteb /

It’s nearly the end of the holiday season again.  We’ve all enjoyed our binges of eggnog, mistletoe and overeating.  Nothing says Christmas like cheesy gift mugs and tacky Kevin Bacon tree ornaments, right? Now, all that’s left is New Year’s Eve and Day. As we move forward, let’s look back at what this holiday season brought.

If you were one of millions of Americans finishing up shopping on the final two days before Christmas, then you know how easy it is to become disgruntled and pushy when there are thousands of other people shoving their way to the front of the line and grabbing that last Tickle Me Elmo doll.

But let’s get back to Kevin Bacon. Besides having a straight-up awesome name, Mr. Bacon spent this holiday season bringing the holiday cheer in a different way than the now normal frenzy of commercialism that takes place each year.

In a hilarious video clip, Bacon donned a silly, cheesy announcer’s voice and costume.  His face was an unnatural shade of orange, and the special effects from this clip are straight out of the 80s.  It’s pretty fantastic.  And it was all in the name of charity.

Bacon was trying to remind shoppers about the true meaning of Christmas.  No, not the hot toddies or the rumnog—charity and generosity.  This year, several stores participated in a charitable giving program in which a portion of the proceeds of any sale were donated, and that’s what Bacon was out to promote.  Shoppers got to choose any charity they wanted to donate the proceeds to.

According to the, the website that promoted the charitable spirit, “We’re building a tradition that strengthens local economies, expands employment, nurtures a sense of community, and provides a more relaxed, fun, and rewarding shopping experience.”

The website provided a searchable list of participating businesses.  Their aim was to include as many small, local businesses as possible to draw attention and help earn them customers.  The idea is that we should buy local and support small businesses in the community.

If you missed out on the magic this year, keep an eye out for a similar campaign next holiday season—there’s nothing that brings joy like paying it forward and helping others.

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