Dhubhghaill Named Head of New Charity Authority in Ireland


Úna Ní Dhubhghaill is the first chief executive of the Charities Regulatory Authority in Dublin, Ireland.
Image: Shutterstock

Ms. Úna Ní Dhubhghaill was appointed the first chief executive of new Charities Regulatory Authority in Ireland. Minister for Justice Alan Shatter appointed Ms. Dhubhghaill, who was previously serving as a principal officer in the minister’s own department. She starts the role immediately.

Announcing the appointment, Mr. Shatter said, “I am pleased to announce this appointment which is an important step towards our goal of establishing the new Charities Regulatory Authority within 2014. The Charities Act gives us the framework we need to increase transparency and accountability across the charities sector and to support the good practice that is essential to a strong and vibrant charities sector. We can now move forward with establishing the Office of the Authority and putting its Board in place so that it can begin operation later in the year in line with the commitment made by the Government.”

The 2009 Charity Act legislation is designed to provide a new regulation routine for charities. It is designed with the objective of greater accountability, protecting against abuse of charitable status and fraud, enhancing public trust and confidence in charities and providing greater transparency in the charities sector.

In addition to the chief executive, an initial staff of ten is to be assigned to the agency from within the existing staff of the Department of Justice.


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