Red Sox May Face Lawsuit over ‘B Strong’ Logo


Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.
Image: Shutterstock

After the Boston Marathon bombings, two words kept everyone together and helped the healing process along – Boston Strong. Those words are continuously a message of unity and defiance. A message that shows Boston can handle anything thrown their way and bounce back like they always have. No organization worked to embrace and embody this saying following the bombings than the Boston Red Sox.

Throughout the season, the Red Sox showed their support wearing a patch and displaying a logo on the Green Monster that simply said “B Strong”. Using the Red Sox famous “B” logo cemented the meaning everyone knew.

But, El Paso based Braden Aboud Memorial Foundation actually trademarked “B Strong” seven years ago and the organization is now considering taking legal action against the Red Sox to reclaim sole possession. The organization was started after Braden Aboud, Gary Aboud’s son, died in a tragic ski accident. The foundation has provided financial assistance to organization in the El Paso area, and they think the movement in Boston has taken away attention from their potential donors.

The Red Sox have supposedly reached out for a joint-licensing agreement, recognizing the Braden Aboud Foundation as the owners of “B Strong”, while allowing them to continue using it. No agreement has been reached.

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