NY Grand Lodge Foundation Educates, Supports, and Advocates


The New York Grand Lodge Foundation educates, supports, and advocates.
Image: Shutterstock

There are a lot of organizations in the world that aren’t doing nearly as much good in the world as they could. In a world that’s focused on consumption, focused on the singular goal of making money, an organization that’s truly doing good in the world can be rare. The New York Grand Lodge Foundation, an arm of the New York Grand Lodge, Order Sons of Italy in America, is one group that is stepping up to the plate.

Peruse the group’s philanthropy page and you’ll find an impressive number of philanthropic causes supported. The New York Grand Lodge Foundation has three national charities it supports: the Alzheimer’s Association, Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, and Dough Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. In addition, the group has also extended support to the American Red Cross, Arthritis Foundation, Cancer Research, The College Board, the National Bone Marrow Registry, the Special Olympics, the Wounded Warrior Project, and many more.

There are many types of charities in this country, and indeed in the world: humanitarian, educational, medical, disaster relief, and more. It’s clear that the NY Grand Lodge Foundation has chosen to focus on medical charities by and large; hopefully someday their contributions will help lead us to further discoveries—like how to prevent Alzheimer’s and autism, cure cancer, and better educate the public.

The Order Sons of Italy in America New York State Grand Lodge Foundation is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization itself. Each year, it presents the “Golden Lions” awards in order to generate the funds necessary to support its many cultural, educational, and philanthropic programs.

This year, the 32nd annual awards will honor Frank V. Carone, Esq., partner at Abrams, Fensetrman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrar, & Wolf, LLP; Anthony V. Malatino, Senior Vice President / Financial Advisor for Malatino & Associates at Morgan Stanley; and the Honorable Edward P. Mangano, Naussau County Executive.

Last year, the recipients of the award included Michael, Joseph, and Carl Mattone; Raymond Mascolo, and Nicholas Montesano. Supporters of the organization can attend the 32nd Anniversary Dinner on April 11th for $300 per person, helping to raise funds for the rest of the year.


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