Such Generous Shibes! Most Expensive Tweet Ever Donates Via Dogecoin


The Dogecoin Commonwealth, a play off of Bitcoin.
Dilettantiquity / Flickr

Dogecoin, a play off of the original Bitcoin, yet again proved its incredibly generous users are willing to help. Last week, in a single tweet, @savethemhood dropped 14 million doge at once to the Doge4Water fundraiser, equaling a donation of around $11,000. The tweet was the most money to ever be sent directly via tweet.

The organization, Doge4Water set up their charity to help people in Kenya get clean drinking water. The Dogecoins, which will be converted into real money, will be used to build brand new wells. The donation was just another example of the charitable instincts of Dogecoin users. Earlier this year, the Dogecoin community teamed up to raise enough to help send the Jamaican bobsled team to Sochi. The culture of Dogecoin is rife with tipping. For example, on the Dogecoin sub-reddit, users are encouraged to tip one another small amounts of Dogecoin for insightful or positive comments along with “upvotes” (the quasi-currency of Reddit).

Dogecoin started as almost a gag alternative to Bitcoin. People can buy into Dogecoin for as little as a dollar (1300 Dogecoins), and by volume it is the most-traded crypto-currency in the world. Yet even at $0.0007955 each (by today’s rates), enough Dogecoins can make a difference, as evidenced by @savethemhood and thousands of other generous “shibes,” as those in the community call each other.


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