Ed Sheeran Donates Wardrobe for Charity

Ed Sheeran

British singer Ed Sheeran grew up in Framlingham, Suffolk.
Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Last week, Suffolk superstar tweeted, “Given my whole wardrobe a bunch of charity shops. All stuff worn on shoots, videos and live, if you live around Suffolk it might be near you,” although it seems Ed Sheeran didn’t feel compelled to share which shops he’d given to.

Ed Sheeran is an ambassador for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice (EACH), but the charity was initially unsure of whether or not they had received any donations.

A spokesman for EACH said: “We’re not aware of any of Ed’s wardrobe items being donated to our network of shops, but fans have visited our Ipswich shop this morning enquiring about it. Ed is an EACH ambassador and we’re delighted to have his support, which raises funds and vital awareness and understanding of the services we provide to life-threatened children and families across the region. Given Ed’s generosity, we’re not surprised he’s chosen to donate his items to charity shops. In not divulging which shops he’s donated to, Ed’s actions could prove to be a boost for all charity shops across Suffolk as fans go out in search of Ed’s gear and visit shops they wouldn’t normally venture into.”

Earlier this week, however, the mystery was solved: three local charities discovered the donated bags of clothing. Sue Ryder and St Elizabeth Hospice, charity shops in Framlingham (where the singer grew up and went to school) received eight bags of items each, as did the Suffolk Family Carers in Ipswitch. EACH also received eight bags of the singer’s items.

Sheeran’s mother and father dropped off the items at the charities last Wednesday.

Said Sue Goodchild, the St Elizabeth’s head of retail, “We are extremely grateful to Ed Sheeran and his family for this donation.

“The Sheeran family have long been supporters of St Elizabeth Hospice and understand how we rely on local support of our 26 shops to help fund local hospice care.”

The items will be sold through a combination of online auctions and in-house sales at the charity shops. Will you be participating in the auctions to try and win some of the star’s clothing?


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