Boston Marathon Survivors Finish One Run for Boston Relay

More than 750 runners just wrapped up their relay race that started on the West Coast to raise money for a Boston Marathon charity. The race started in Santa Monica, California on March 16th. More than 2,000 runners ran over 3,328 miles through 14 states. The event has raised over $425k for One Fund, supporting those directly affected by the bombings last year.

The people who have become known for being at the finish line when two bombs went off on April 15, 2013, walked the white baton across the famous blue and yellow Boston marathon strip. Among them were people like Heather Abbott, a 39-year-old human resources specialist from Newport, Rhode Island, who had her foot amputated after the blasts. Another was John Odom, who nearly died and is paralyzed from the knee down in one of his legs. Carlos Arredondo, who was rushed to the hospital, and his new friend Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs in the blast, also crossed the finish line.

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“This is helping give closure to everything,” said Odom, 66, of Redondo Beach, Calif., who was the first person to carry the baton when the relay started four weeks ago in Santa Monica, Calif.

The crowd was enormous as the runners neared the Boylston Street finish. This year there was high security, and no free-roaming reporters or runners near the finish. Streets were blocked off and police patrolled the area.

To learn more about One Fund, visit its website at


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