Jeremy Pivens, Nina Agdal Help Kiehl’s Raise $5K for Charity


Actor Jeremy Piven participated in the Kiehl’s “Ride for Charity” event.
Featureflash /

Actor Jeremy Piven broke a sweat this weekend and nabbed a Sports Illustrated model’s phone number at Flywheel’s event at Kiehl’s. After losing the friendly “Ride For Charity” competition to model Nina Agdal to benefit the Food Bank, the pair was spotted talking about their workout.

But “Jeremy motioned to his handler in Nina’s direction as she was leaving,” said a bystander. “The aide walked away and came back with her phone out and Jeremy asked, ‘Did you get the info?’ She nodded yes.”

Piven, who has just finished filming the “Entourage” movie, says being Ari Gold again was fun, but “I don’t think he would exist in society.” He explained, “He’s too abrasive.”

Another source at the charity event said, “They were definitely flirting and chatting a quite a bit, although that’s not out of character for Jeremy.” Of course, Pivens and Agdal were likely just making some friendly conversation, which for celebrity gossipers somehow always turns into “flirting.” The two stars were really there to compete in the first ever Kiehl’s Since 1851 “Ride For Charity” event, along with comedian and actor Mario Cantone. The event, which raised a total of $5,000 for the Food Bank for NYC, provided 25,000 meals for families in need.

Nina tweeted after the event, “Had so much fun riding for charity @FoodBank4NYC with @Flywheel @Kiehls thanks to @jeremypiven for competing with me.” Glad to see that celebrities like Jeremy Pivens and Nina Agdal are helping the community, doing good, and having a good time, too.


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