Stephen Sutton, Charity Hero, Back In Hospital

Stephen Sutton

Stephen Sutton was admitted to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital over the weekend.
Image: Stephen Sutton

Stephen Sutton, a 19-year-old cancer patient, raised more than £3 million for a cancer, but was re-admitted to the hospital just days before celebrating. The teen told his supporters on Facebook he was back in the hospital after developing “breathing difficulties” over the night. Sutton, who is terminally ill, collected the funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust after posting a picture of himself in hospital in April with a goodbye message when he thought he was having his last days. The teen then made what he described as “a miraculous recovery,” coughing up a tumor. After successful surgery he was discharged from Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital on May 2.

But commenting Monday on his Facebook page – which has 750,000 likes – he told supporters he was again posting from his hospital bed.

He said: “Unfortunately today I’ve ended up back in hospital. I had some breathing difficulties starting last night and after going to A&E have been admitted back to a ward for monitoring. I’ve still got the cough, then quite quickly developed a wheeze in my breathing and breathlessness upon any physical exertion. There’s no immediate panic and I’m currently quite stable – I have been put on nebulisers and other meds which are currently helping my symptoms hugely.”

He added: “The doctors think there may be something restricting my airway again, they’re not sure exactly what yet though (tumour regrowth, infection, inflammation, are all potential reasons mentioned), but are currently discussing the possibilities and my scan results to decide what to do next.”

Unfortunately, doctors say the breathing difficulties are the result of the regrowth of tumors in Sutton’s throat. His family posted to Stephen’s wall on Tuesday, according to The Guardian:

On Tuesday his family said they had been told the breathlessness was due to the regrowth of tumours that were blocking the teenager’s airways and said his condition had deteriorated in the last 24 hours.

Posting on the teenager’s Facebook blog, his family said: “Hi everyone, this is Stephen’s family.

“Unfortunately in the last 24 hours Stephen’s condition has deteriorated to where he can no longer communicate through this page himself.

“Unfortunately the breathlessness which had him re-admitted to hospital is due to the regrowth of tumours which are blocking his airways, and not just due to infection as we had all been hoping.

“He is currently comfortable and stable, and we will let you know of any further developments. Right now however, as a family, we wish for a certain amount of privacy for us to spend what time he has remaining with him.

“We appreciate everyone’s concern, and for all the love and goodwill sent his way, and indeed ours too, we thank you deeply x.”

Sutton was just 15 when he was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He underwent surgery but the cancer was aggressive and spread to different parts of his body. Many doctors and operations later, his disease was declared incurable. Watch his story below:


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