Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shave for Charity

Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo on maroon background

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed their charitable side this week.

Earlier this week, around 40 Tampa Bay Buccaneers players and staff members shaved their heads for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s fifth annual Cut for a Cure Charity Challenge to raise money to fight pediatric cancer and blood disorders.

“You look at us as players and they think we’re the tough guys and they think that those big strong guys, man those are the tough guys of the world—we’re really not.  These kids have triple the strength that any of us have. You see a guy lift a lot of weights and you think of strength. These kids, to be able to battle cancer, and persevere…that’s true strength,” said Gerald McCoy.

The Tampa Bay Rays and Tampa Bay Lightning have done similar events in the past year. Around $270,000 had been raised through the challenge as of Tuesday, June 10th. Donators included quarterback Mike Glennon, defensive end Michael Johnson and kicker Connor Barth. The donations go towards efforts to provide medical research, programming and pediatric care for children and their families fighting pediatric cancer and blood disorders.

“Being around kids who have had a setback in life, who have had to struggle with an unfortunate disease, it touches my heart very deeply,” Mike James said. “Anything I can do to help push them forward, to show them that it’s everybody that cares – men, women, adult, children – I want to show them that as much as I can. I have a son and it hits home with me. My son is healthy, thank God, but if he wasn’t I would want somebody to show him that we’re all here to support him.”


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