SmashFest: Over $140,000 Raised for Charities

The annual charity ping-pong challenge in Toronto, Smashfest, raised over $140,000 on Thursday last week. The event, which was hosted by the New York Rangers forward Dominic Moore, will contribute its funds to charities that assist in the research of concussions and rare cancers. This year was the third installment of the tournament, which brought […]

USC Coach Dawn Staley’s Fun-Raiser Brings out Celebrities

USC coach Dawn Staley hosted a charity softball game recently in an effort to raise $75,000 in South Carolina. The donations will go to support Innersole, a charity that donates new sneakers to needy children. The foundation will branch into an elementary school in the fall and promote a competition measuring attendance, behavior, physical fitness […]

Potato Salad Kickstarter goes Viral

Apparently, the Internet loves potatoes. Well, potato salad to be exact. A viral potato salad Kickstarter campaign has raised  $71,758 and still has 23 days left to go. The user who created the campaign, Zach “Danger” Brown told Good Morning America on Tuesday, “It’s unbelievable,” of receiving pledges from more than 20 countries for his […]

NYC Charity Luncheon Fiasco Dubbed “Success” by Millionaire in Charge

NYC Central Park

On Wednesday, June 25th, 200 homeless New Yorkers showed up at Central Park with empty stomachs and high hopes: Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao had promised a gourmet lunch and $300 in cash to anyone that attended his “Tour of Love and Gratitude.” Instead, they left echoing sentiments like Tom Cargill’s: “I feel so disappointed right […]