Gucci Sponsors Charity Sonoma Event

Gucci sponsored Sonoma fundraiser

On August 5, Gucci sponsored the Giant Steps Charity Classic Six Bar and Gala. Image: Selfiy /

On August 5, Gucci was the presenting sponsor of the Giant Steps Charity Classic Six Bar and Gala. Gucci had over 550 guests at its second annual gala, which was hosted at Sonoma Horse Park, just north of San Francisco.

The Giant Steps Charity Classic Six Bar and Gala raised a record $1 million for Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center, which is a riding center that provides therapeutic riding services to children, adults, and veterans who suffer from disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy and PTSD. The name of the fundraiser is perhaps a bit misleading; it’s not a one-night happening—the entirety of the event happens over an entire week. There were two title events that took place over the weekend, including the $40,000 Shaklee Grand Prix on Sunday.

The grand prix is the only US equestrian event that Gucci sponsors. Sloan and Roger Barnett, who is the CEO of Shaklee, serve on the gala committee and their 8-year-old daughter Violet rides regularly at the park. The husband and wife duo also helped sponsor the grand prix event.

“Gucci’s sponsorship has been a miracle in transforming this event,” praised Ashley Herman. “But the most amazing miracle I see here happens when, following a Giant Steps session, an 8-year-old autistic boy takes his first step or utters his first word.”

Other attendees at the event included Gina Pell, Cecillia Harris, Zem Joaquin, Julie Chaiken, Christina Getty, Allison Speer, Helen McEvoy and Merrill Kasper.



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