Victoria Beckham to Sell Wardrobe for Charity

Victoria Beckham to donate wardrobe to charity

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is going to donate items from her wardrobe to the charity mothers2mothers. Image: Featureflash /

As one of the most stylish women in fashion, getting a peek into the closet of Victoria Beckham would be a dream for most women. Just taking a look inside would be a thrilling opportunity for many fashionistas, and now, you can even own a piece of it, as reports detail how the star is donating some of her clothes for charity.

After a visit to South Africa in February this year with Vogue editor Anna Wintour and American Vogue, Victoria met mothers2mothers (m2m) founder Dr. Mitch Besser, who left a deep impression on her. The charity works to mentor HIV-positive mothers and provide education on how to prevent transmissions of HIV from mothers to babies.

In a recent speaking engagement about m2m, Beckham said, “After spending just a few days with these remarkable women and learning more about the charity from Mitch and his lovely wife Annie Lennox, I wanted to do as much as I could. It really was a life-changing experience; I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

The fashionista has partnered with to sell over 600 items from her closet to aid the charity. The event will take place on the website from August 20th-25th. Reportedly, Beckham called upon her mother Jacqueline Doreen and sister Louise to help her select what to donate from her closet.

“My sister was so harsh,” Beckham admitted. “I’d be like, ‘Oooooh I can’t give this away,’ and she’d say, ‘Give me that. Put it in the box now…Harper is never going to want that!’ To be honest there are some pieces I’m sure Harper would love – I think I’ve donated the very best pieces – but there are a lot of other people out there who will really enjoy them.”

Beckham’s star power and generosity are lending a huge amount of support and visibility to m2m, and many predict that this fundraiser will be met with great success.

To register for the event, visit here.

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