“Boob Aid”: Japanese Porn Stars Groped for Charity

An unusual charity event raised $40,000 for AIDS prevention in Japan

Boob Aid raised about $40,000 for AIDS prevention in Japan.
Image: Shutterstock

Throughout recent history, both activism and fundraising have taken many, ahem, creative forms. Recently, Japanese porn stars raised thousands of dollars for AIDS prevention by letting people grope their breasts. The nine participating women let thousands of men squeeze their breasts over a 12-hour period at the “Boob Aid” charity event in Tokyo earlier this month.

Reportedly, more than 4,100 pairs of hands groped the women. Around $40,000 was raised because of the event, as each participant was expected to donate $10 to the cause. The adult film stars sported yellow campaign t-shirts rolled up to reveal their breasts. According to The Telegraph, “Boob Aid” was part of a 24-hour Stop! AIDS campaign event, backed by the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention. This is the 12th event of its kind since 2003.

“I’m really looking forward to lots of people fondling my boobs,” Rina Serina told the Tokyo Sports newspaper before the event. “But I would be very happy if you would please be delicate.” Fellow porn actress Iku Sakuragi had no qualms about being groped by hundreds of pairs of hands. “It’s for charity,” said the 21-year-old. “Squeeze them, donate money — let’s be happy,” she said.

The “Boob Aid” charity event lasted from Saturday into Sunday morning. Many donors gave more than the expected $10, which is one of the reasons the event was such a success. According to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, nearly 23,000 people are known to be infected with HIV or AIDS in Japan in 2013. This event raised both awareness and funds for the fight against AIDS.

Porn star Iku Sakuragi told news agency AFP, “I joined Boob Aid for the first time and I didn’t know this was an event thousands of people would come to. I think we should continue this kind of activity.” Controversial and sexist it may be, this proved to be an effective fundraising campaign among consenting adults.


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