5 Creative Ways Businesses Can Give Back

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Here are 5 ways to encourage philanthropy in a business setting.
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It sometimes can be hard to find a way to give back, especially for start up businesses that are just getting off the ground. Even in structured work environments, we all get sucked into our day-to-day responsibilities. Below are five unique ways your business can give back.

Lead by Example with the Top Execs. If the top execs at a company are showing their involvement in the community and encouraging their workers to come to future opportunities, it is likely some will. It can be a great team building and networking activity for a business.

Sponsor a Local Charity Event. If your company sponsors a local charity event, your team will get involved with supporting the organization of the event or maybe any initiatives to market it. This is a good way to bring value to charity organizations without asking your employees to front money.

Make Philanthropy a Part of the Company Culture. There are many ways to make giving back a part of your organization. A couple options are giving employees a full day each quarter of company time to volunteer for an organization of their choice or allowing them to create partnerships with local nonprofits to donate time every month or quarter.

Give out an Annual Grant Stipend. If you give your employees money to use for philanthropy, they will likely feel obligated to put it to good use. This encourages employees to get involved without fronting their own money and researching areas they would like to be involved in.

Provide Incentives for Employees to get involved. There are many incentives that a lot of people will get involved for. Maybe it’s a day off for every $100 donated, or every $15 you donate to a charity, you get a business casual week. Make it fun, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative!

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