A Wine Program that Gives Back

A cat walks across a counter near a wine bottle

One Hope Wine donates a portion of each purchase to charity.
Image: OneHopeWine.com

ONEHOPE Wine has been around for a few years and is a wine version of a social entrepreneurship community. With winter headed our way, what better way to entertain than to host a wine-tasting party that benefits the charity of your choice?

ONEHOPE has always donated a portion of each purchase to charity, but the company’s Hope at Home program is especially unique in that it will allow you and your guests to choose a charity to sponsor that is close to your heart. That charity will then receive donations from any bottles you purchase.

The idea for ONEHOPE came to Jake Kloberdanz after a close friend of his had a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis. Kloberdanz wanted to launch his own venture in order to give back to causes like this. “I had thought about the idea of building a brand that all-year-round was making an impact,” says Kloberdanz of his efforts to create a charitable program that gives back all the time, and not just during brief campaigns.

Starting with just $10k in the bank in 2007, ONEHOPE Wine received national distribution and sold over 100k cases. Soon after, ONEHOPE signed on with Whole Foods and partnered with well-known winery Robert Mondavi Jr. “There were eight of us and we all came from Gallo Winery, which is a distributor of wines here in Los Angeles,” ONEHOPE Wine president and co-founder Tom Leahy tells Samaritanmag from his office.

Now American Airlines offers ONEHOPE customers who are traveling onboard transcontinental or Hawaii flights can sip a glass of wine for a good cause. Offering ONEHOPE wines inflight allows American Airlines to bring people together for three worthy causes, while at the same time, providing our customers with the finest wine possible,” said John Tiliacos, Managing Director – Onboard Products. With so many major companies like American Airlines and Whole Foods offering selections of ONEHOPE Wine, it has been able to give more than $1 million to its partner nonprofits.

So grab some friends, taste some wine, and give back to a good cause. Every bottle makes an impact.

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