5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Charity Scams

The winter holidays are a great time for charitable giving. Unfortunately, in addition to the many worthwhile causes out there around this time of year, there are also plenty of scam artists looking to use your charitable instincts as a way to get your personal information—and your money. Here are some important things to keep […]

Philanthropreneurs Changing the Face of Corporate Charitable Giving

Traditional charity has often taken the form of large donations from wealthy benefactors like Carnegie or Rockefeller. These days, however, a new brand of philanthropy is rising in the ranks: Those who want to give back to their communities don’t just hand over a check, but provide funding over the course of their careers, as […]

Robert Enterprise Development Fund Releases Social Enterprise Gift Guide

Wintery holidays are a great time to think about gift-giving, and what better way to honor the season of giving than to not only do something great for friends and family, but also for the people creating, packaging, and selling the gift items? The Robert Enterprise Development Fund (REDF), created by KKR founding partner George […]