Swift Gives Back to Fans During the Holidays

Some say that 2014 was the best year yet for singer Taylor Swift—and based on recent news, it’s hard to argue. Before the pop superstar hit the stage in Times Square for New Year’s, she uploaded a video that highlighted all the different ways Swift has thanked her fans over the past year.

The clip shows Taylor Swift wrapping presents that she purchased herself and writing out personalized cards to send out to fans. The holiday time became known for “Tay-lurking,” which was used to refer to Swift’s use of social media to learn every detail about her most devoted fans. When the music superstar decided she wanted to give back to a fan, she would leave a single Santa Clause emoji as a comment on their account to indicate she was planning something special.

“Large FedEx boxes began to appear on the doorsteps of certain fans in what became tenderly referred to as ‘Swiftmas,’” the video says. Beyond just gift giving, Swift also thanked her fans by surprising them in different capacities. One example was showing up to a bridal shower when she received an invite from a dedicated fan. In the video of her gift giving, she is also shown personally traveling to Connecticut to deliver gifts to the young son of one adoring fan.

As you can imagine, the video is filled with squeals, tears, and total meltdowns from the generosity of a celebrity who has become known for breaking down the wall of fame. Cheers to you, Taylor Swift!


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