Video Gamers Raise $1.5 Million for Cancer Research

Video Games Done Quick logo

Video Games Done Quick raised $1.5 million for cancer research this year.

Awesome Games Done Quick tweeted on January 11 that they raised $1.1 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Taking into account subsequent donations, the total charitable contributions peaked at roughly 1.5 million—more than $450,000 more than was raised last year. There were 38,806 total donations.

The bi-annual, week-long event collects donations and live-broadcasts speedruns of video games. Participants play through a variety of games, including Ninja Gaiden, Kaizo Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Tetris, with the goal being to complete the games as fast as possible. The speedruns are filmed and include commentary, discussions, gamers playing blindfolded, and the occasional marriage proposal. More than 150 games are played over the course of 160 hours, with livestreams available 24 hours a day during the event and a Youtube playlist put up afterward.

The event was held at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport hotel in Herndon, Virginia, from January 4-10.

This was the eleventh Games Done Quick event and was overseen by Andrew Schroeder, Charity Events Manager at Twitch, an online community for gamers. Twitch broadcasts games being played competitively via speedruns like those hosted for the Awesome Games Done Quick event. Recent metrics showed that Twitch ranked fourth in peak web traffic in the US.

Sponsors included Humble Bumble, Yetee, and Game Grumps, who all provided merchandise. The proceeds were added to the total donations.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to the prevention and early detection of cancer through research, education, advocacy, and community outreach. They have provided over $120 million to cancer research since 1985.

Summer Games Done Quick, the second yearly speedrunning-for-charity event, will take place later this year.

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