Reddit to Donate 10% of 2014 Earnings to Charity

Reddit logo on a website

Reddit will donate 10% of its 2014 ad revenue to 10 charities chosen by the Reddit community.
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Back in Feburary 2014, Reddit announced it would be donating 10% of its 2014 ad revenue to charities chosen by Reddit users. That promise has now come to fruition: a blog post by Reddit product manager Ryan Merket says that users can vote now on which charities will receive the donations.

Reddit earned nearly $8.3 million last year in advertising revenue, which means they will donate $82,765.95 a piece to each of the ten charities chosen.

Reddit has teamed up with Charity Navigator, using its database of charitable organizations to give users the opportunity to browse and research which organizations they would like to see receive the donations. Charity Navigator provides charity descriptions and US tax identification information. Users can vote for as many charities as they want, but only once for each charity.

Only users with accounts created before 10 AM today will be eligible to weigh in.

Some of the most talked-about charities at the moment are Doctors Without Borders, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Wikimedia Foundation, and NPR.

“Here at Reddit, one of the things that gets us out of bed every morning is knowing that we have the ability to help the world at a scale that was, until very recently, only imaginable,” wrote Merket in a blog article announcing the opening of the voting period.

The voting is open now and ends Wednesday, Feburary 25 at 10 AM PST. Winners will be announced within the following 24 hours.


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