Free Site Helps Connect Volunteers and Non-Profits main page connects volunteers with the right opportunities.

Many people want to help out their communities and those less fortunate than themselves. They can make donations, but some people have more time than money or don’t feel like giving money is enough. Maybe they need to be more hands-on with their giving. For those people, volunteering can be really rewarding. It can also be difficult to find somewhere to volunteer.

Luckily, there’s a pretty cool website called, where users can locate charities, non-profits, and other organizations looking for help from people like them. Users can search by location, looking for opportunities near them, or they can look for virtual options, allowing them to volunteer for groups anywhere in the world. Users can also search by specific terms or choose from a number of categories, such as “animals” or “crisis support.”

When you find an organization that sounds promising, you can follow a link to a more detailed description of that opportunity. The description tells you the basics of what the position calls for and offers a wealth of other information. You can see what kinds of causes the group is concerned with, the location, and the general flexibility of the scheduling. There is also a section that lists the kind of skills you need for the position, the requirements and expected commitment, and what kind of volunteers are best suited for the position.

If you decide you want to work with a given organization, just click the big “I want to help” button, and the site will automatically send the group an email with your profile and contact information. Then they’ll generate an email to you as a reminder that you applied for the position. It’s as simple as that.

VolunteerMatch makes it easy to find places to volunteer, but they can also make it easy on non-profits that need to find volunteers in the first place. There are a wealth of services offered to non-profits for free, and further benefits are offered with a monthly membership fee.

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