Nonprofit Helps Military Aircrew in Need

Military pilot in cockpit

The Air Warriors Courage Foundation supports aviation veterans and their families.
Image: Shutterstock

The Air Warriors Courage Foundation (AWCF) is a non-profit dedicated to helping disabled or needy veterans, their dependents, widows, widowers, and orphans. Veterans do not always receive the help they need from the government after their discharge, so charitable organizations like the AWCF are, regrettably, a necessity.

The AWCF has its roots in the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association which, starting in 1970, was dedicated to providing scholarship assistance to the surviving dependents of airmen killed, captured, or missing in action during the Vietnam Conflict. They expanded their efforts to help the families of association members, but it became apparent that there was more work to be done.

In 1998, the AWCF was formed and granted nonprofit status in recognition of the increasing number of difficulties that active, retired, and former members of the US military and their families face. Since then, they have expanded their efforts to provide a variety of philanthropic services to service members and their families.

The Earl Aman Courage Fund helps needy military aircrew and their families cover their medical expenses. The Helping Achieve Normal Development Fund (or HAND for short) helps cover therapeutic programs for military-dependant children with a variety of developmental difficulties. The Troop Support 9/11 Memorial Fund provides scholarships and financial support to the families of military personnel injured or killed in the War on Terror and helps military units with humanitarian efforts around the world.

The Air Warriors Courage Foundation does a lot of good, and they have been recognized for their efforts. They have won numerous awards for their work and are highly rated by Charity Navigator. Like any charitable group, though, they can always use assistance. If you’re interested in helping the AWCF help others, they accept donations online or via the postal service. They also accept automobile donations.


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