Thinking About Starting a Charity?

Have you ever considered starting your own charity? It’s not something to consider lightly, but something that takes a significant amount of thought, planning, and research. Before you even start thinking about your own charity, do some research into the problem you want to address. What, exactly, is the issue? What is being done to address […]

Why Philanthropy is Good for Business

Of course it feels good to give, but did you know there are actually professional business benefits as well? As corporate giving increases, the positive outcomes for both businesses and the community continue to grow. Here’s a look at just a few. Building relationships When a business dedicates time and money to a cause, it […]

Three Charities That Help Animals

If you love animals, you might consider donating to a charity or non-profit that helps them out. Your money could help find homes for pets that need them or help protect endangered species or further research into protecting fragile ecosystems. Look for local charities or non-profits you can support through donations or volunteering. Or, if […]

Using Charity-Affiliated Products to Raise Money

If your company is considering donating a portion of its profits to charity, there are a few ways you can do so. You could match donations made by employees or simply donate directly to a charity each year or quarter. You could also consider forming a partnership with a charity to choose one of your […]

Marfan Foundation Honors Hero With a Heart Award Winners

Today the Marfan Foundation honored the winners of its Hero With a Heart Award. The ceremony took place as part of the fifteenth Heartworks gala event in New York City. The foundation’s Board of Directors, which includes Karen Murray, Mary J. Roman, and Cory Eaves, has been instrumental in promoting the nonprofit’s work and honoring the […]

BroadIgnite Connects Young Philanthropists and Scientists to Further Innovation

Sharmil Modi, an analyst at Baupost Group, a giant hedge fund in Boston, was surprised to learn that some scientists at the Broad Institute, a Cambridge biomedical research center, were having trouble funding their biomedical research. His surprise led to the creation of BroadIgnite, which connects up and coming scientists with new-to-the-field philanthropists. Formed in […]

Peter Singer on Where Your Money Can Do the Most Good

David Geffen’s donation to Avery Fish Hall raised some eyebrows, but arguably none with a history quite like Peter Singer. The writer and philosopher’s most recent book, The Most Good You Can Do, focuses on philanthropic giving in terms of, as the title suggests, where it can do the most good. In Singer’s opinion, this […]