Using Charity-Affiliated Products to Raise Money

Two businessmen about to shake hands

Partnerships between businesses and charities can produce great results.
Image: Shutterstock

If your company is considering donating a portion of its profits to charity, there are a few ways you can do so. You could match donations made by employees or simply donate directly to a charity each year or quarter. You could also consider forming a partnership with a charity to choose one of your products and donate a portion of the sale from that product to the charity in question.

Charity affiliated products can be a good way to generate money for that charity, if you do it right. It can also backfire if you don’t plan accordingly. Below are a few tips to help you get started thinking about the process of creating a charity affiliated product.

Form a partnership with a charity. This might seem obvious, but you want to be able to say right on the packaging who benefits from this purchase. Not what it supports, but whom. In order to best do this, contact the charity you want to help and work with them to determine the best way to alert customers to the charitable nature of the product.

Be transparent, especially concerning the donation itself. Tell your customers not only who will receive a portion of this item’s sale, but how much that portion will be. Go ahead and say right on the package what percentage or how much money from each sale will be donated. Avoid vague statements like “a portion of the proceeds,” because that could be a penny from a $100 dollar item, for all the customer knows.

Find a charity that’s right for your company–and the product. If you make cigarettes, donating to a lung cancer charity is just going to look like a base attempt to garner goodwill. It will also backfire, as such a relationship would be terrible for any serious cancer charity. Less obvious, though, is to keep in mind the product and charity connection. Proceeds from the sale of dog collars going to animal shelters makes a lot more sense than donating that money to leukemia research.


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