Three Charities That Help Animals

Sleeping cat

Have you considered donating to a charity that helps animals?
Image: Shutterstock

If you love animals, you might consider donating to a charity or non-profit that helps them out. Your money could help find homes for pets that need them or help protect endangered species or further research into protecting fragile ecosystems. Look for local charities or non-profits you can support through donations or volunteering. Or, if you want to try something on a larger scale, you can search for state, national, or international charities.

Consider one of the below charities to start. They’re all worthy causes, and they might introduce you to some issues you didn’t even know about.

Alley Cat Allies is “dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of our nation’s cats.” They seek to help educate people on how public policy can work against cats, from animal control ordinances to shelter policies that result in many cats being killed every year, simply because they don’t have a home. They advocate for humane care, the education of cat owners, and connecting people who need or can offer help.

The American Veterinary Medical foundation is the charitable arm of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and they have been helping veterinarians help animals for over 50 years. They utilize donations to help offset the cost of veterinary training, to help educate people on the importance of veterinary medicine as a part of food safety, and to help further medical research. They also have programs to recognize exceptional veterinarians and to help families with pets deal with disasters.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue is a “well respected national rescue and rehabilitation facility” which has helped over 2,000 horses since 1989. They focus their efforts on rehabilitating and training injured and abused horses so that can be adopted by caring individuals. They also seek to educate people on the needs and proper care of horses in order to prevent abuse and neglect in the first place.


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