How to Help the Nepal Relief Effort

Aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes

You can help with relief efforts dealing with the Nepal earthquakes.
Image: think4photop /

Nepal was hit by a series of earthquakes in April and May of this year, and there are many people there, especially in Kathmandu, that need help. A 7.9 magnitude quake hit in late April, killing around 8,000 people and injuring thousands more. Another quake hit on May 11, killing at least 29 people and injuring thousands. Downed power lines and cell towers are impeding relief efforts, and so many people have lost their homes that the government has asked charitable organizations to donate a million tents.

If you’re inclined to help out, there are a number of charities that you could donate to in order to be as helpful as possible. It can be tempting, after such a disaster, to donate reactively, to help out any “charity” you see come across your Facebook or Twitter feed. But not all charities are created equally, and some aren’t even really charities, but scams taking advantage of generous people.

Whenever you donate, especially in a situation like this, it’s important to be rational, to take your time, and think about your decision. Figure out how you want to help people, find a reputable charity that shares those concerns, and then donate.

Luckily, the charity research site Charity Navigator has created a list of over 50 charities that they feel are worth your time. These charities are all specifically working to help the victims in Nepal, and all have either a three or four star rating on Charity Navigator. These are trustworthy, reputable charities that will do the most good with your money that they can do. They will also allow you to designate that your donation go to the Nepal relief effort instead of one of their other projects. This list is an excellent place to start looking for ways to help the people of Nepal after such a devastating disaster.


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