Irish Homeless Charities in Row with Labor TD

Two Irish charities focused on homelessness have come under fire by a representative of the Labour party for not doing enough to combat homelessness. The charities have responded that they aren’t surprised that the TD (an Irish member of the lower house of parliament) would choose to attack them instead of attacking the problem of […]

Post-Katrina New Orleans Better off Despite Loss of Charity Hospital

Hurricane Katrina took a huge toll on New Orleans, especially on that city’s poor. Among the institutions lost was Charity Hospital, which had served the poor of the city for centuries and which many people have fond memories of. However, it seems like a lot of the memories, as well as the pain of losing […]

A Private Equity Approach to Charity

What’s the difference between a private equity firm and a charity? Obviously one is focused on generating income, the other on giving back to the community. But in terms of operations, there are a surprisingly large number of ways charities can learn from the way equity businesses are run. For example, private equity firm KKR […]

The Jared Foundation Defrauded Donors

Jared Fogle, former Subway spokesman, has been in a lot of trouble lately, having pleaded guilty to both possession of child pornography and having sex with minors. It also turns out that his charity, The Jared Foundation, was defrauding donors for years. The Jared Foundation was supposed to be dedicated to combating childhood obesity, which […]

John P. Birkelund Donates $5 Million to Princeton University for New Program

John P. Birkelund, co-founder of Saratoga Partners and former director of the New York Stock Exchange, has donated $5 million to Princeton University to establish a Program in History and the Practice of Diplomacy. The certificate program will allow students to take classes from politics to other social sciences and will prepare students for futures […]

UK Charity Claims Diabetes Might Bankrupt National Health Service

According to Diabetes UK, a charity focused on researching the disease and helping people who suffer from it, that disease threatens to bankrupt the National Health Service (NHS). In the past 10 years, there has been a 60% increase in diabetes cases in the UK, rising 59.8% in England and Wales just since 2005. According […]

Johnny Depp Surprises Audience at Charity Concert

The charity Mending Kids is an organization that provides surgeries for needy kids around the world. These surgeries have corrected everything from congenital heart defects to cranial facial deformities. In nine years they’ve performed operations on 2,200 kids, and recently they held a benefit concert with a few surprising guests. After a number of musical […]

Batmobiling for Charity

Mike Esch, Albuquerque native and car enthusiast, is doing something Batman would be proud of: Esch is taking his super-cool, working-condition Batmobile replica out for charity events and granting wishes for the Make A Wish Foundation. Esch, a former engineer, gives rides to sick children and teens, picks returning soldiers up from airports, and hands […]

University of Wisconsin-Madison Partners with Benefunder

The University of Madison-Wisconsin has partnered with Benefunder, an organization that connects philanthropists with organizations in need of research funding. Individuals or groups interested in being a part of innovation, new technologies, and cutting-edge research will be able to donate to the school, which has one of the highest rates of research expenditures in the […]

Charity and Delayed Gratification

The results of a charitable donation aren’t always seen right away, which is why delayed gratification is very much a part of the process. But where does the ability to accept delayed gratification come from? Researchers at McGill recently discovered that a connection between the hippocampus and nucleus accumbens is responsible for our ability to […]