Johnny Depp Surprises Audience at Charity Concert

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at a charity concert for Mending Kids.
Image: Everett Collection /

The charity Mending Kids is an organization that provides surgeries for needy kids around the world. These surgeries have corrected everything from congenital heart defects to cranial facial deformities. In nine years they’ve performed operations on 2,200 kids, and recently they held a benefit concert with a few surprising guests.

After a number of musical guests came on stage at the Lucky Strike bowling alley in Los Angeles, the house band was joined by Johnny Depp, who played guitar on “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper. It turns out that, not only can Depp play guitar, he’s actually working on an album with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry (of Aerosmith). The three formed a band, called Hollywood Vampires, which is set to record a self-titled debut album and donate the profits to charity.

Depp said he was thrilled to be a part of the show, and he had some positive things to say about Mending Kids. He stayed up on stage a bit longer to play alongside Gene Simmons of KISS who, at one point, urged anyone willing to donate $1,000 or more to join to band on stage and sing. Ten people, including his own son and daughter, took him up on the offer, which should give you a hint of how successful this fundraiser was. Most of that money–90%, according to Mending Kids’ website–will go towards performing operations for needy children.

The band, including Depp, Simmons, and his children, closed the show with “Rock and Roll All Nite,” a KISS staple, which seems like a fitting choice. After the performance, Depp apparently waved to fans and then disappeared out of a back door.

Mending Kids is based in Burbank, California. Check out their website for more information, or to make a donation.


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