Blind Painter Raises More Than $1 Million Through His Masterpieces


Image: Shutterstock

Painter Jeff Hanson is a young artist that uses his artistic talent to help raise money for local charities, and has managed to raise more than $1 million.

A philanthropic artist from Overland Park, Kansas, Jeff is visually impaired from an optic nerve tumor (he nick-named it “Clod”) associated with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis. The disorder caused a brain tumor that eventually left him legally blind in 2005. Despite his lack of vision, Jeff sees well enough to continue creating visually stunning artwork – a “sight for sore eyes,” he calls it.

Jeff chose to focus on what he can do rather than what he can’t. He might not be capable of doing many everyday things, but what he can do is effortlessly apply strokes of vibrant colors to an open canvas. At just 21 years old, he’s become an accomplished artist with about 1,400 paintings. What’s even more amazing is that he has donated more than $1 million worth of paintings to charity, including organizations like Make-a-Wish-Foundation and the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

“I thought it would be good to give back to the world and not use it for myself,” Hanson told USA Today back in 2013. “My art makes people happy.”

Jeff’s mother, Julie, was the first person to introduce him to art. Art was used as a distraction from the chemotherapy treatments he had when he was younger. This hobby eventually turned into a very successful business – original Jeff Hanson pieces sell for about $4,000 each.

Jeff’s business continues to diversify and grow; his vibrant artwork finds new ways to make a difference in the world, one painting at a time. On top of winning multiple awards, his artwork has even been translated to couture fashion, with models dressed in hand-painted garments displayed on fashion runways.

To learn more about Jeff Hanson and his artwork, visit his website here.

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