Fighting for Donation Bins in Jacksonville, FL

A charity in Jacksonville, Florida, called Go Green Charity Recyclers, is currently engaged in talks with the city council over their right to use unattended donation bins in the city. Many of us are familiar with the bins, but if you’re not, they are free standing bins that people can use as a drop-off point […]

Researchers Genetically Modify Mosquitoes to Resist Malaria

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), malaria will strike more than 200 million people this year and will kill nearly half a million of them. Although there are prevention programs such as the J.C. Flowers & Co.’s NetForLife initiative, Buy-a-Net, and others, there are some parts of the world – sub-Saharan Africa, in particular […]

Facebook Launches New Fundraising Tool

Facebook is piloting a new iteration of its charity donation button and continues to make its platforms more useful for non-profit organizations as it launches a new fundraising tool called Fundraisers. The Silicon-Valley based company explained that with this tool, non-profit organizations could create a fundraising page, tell their campaign story, gather supporters, collect donations, […]

Star Wars-Inspired Runway Fashion for Charity

The Force is headed toward Bloomingdale’s and a few top fashion designers are taking runway inspiration from the upcoming film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to make outfits that will be auctioned for charity. In celebration of the movie, Disney Consumer Products and Bloomingdale’s will be joining forces with a group of designers for a […]

Steven Tyler Launched a New Charity for Abused Girls

Steven Tyler, who probably doesn’t actually need to be introduced, but is the front man for Aerosmith, has started a new charitable organization inspired by one of the band’s most famous songs. The group is called Janie’s Fund, and is aimed at raising money for and awareness of girls who have been the subject of […]

“Effective Altruism” is Just Rich People Donating Money

According to a recent study on Public International Radio, the concept of “effective altruism” is the next big thing in charity. A former Princeton student named Matt Wage had the brilliant idea that, instead of working for non-profits or volunteering, he could do a lot more good if he landed a Wall Street job and […]