Charity Inspires Neymar to Win More


FC Barcelona star Neymar shares that his charity work in his native country Brazil brings him joy and gives him strength to continue racking up trophies for his team.

Although he was suspended for Sunday’s 4-0 La Liga win at Eibar, Neymar came back home to Brazil last weekend to attend his sister Rafaella’s 20th birthday party in Sao Paulo. He also visited a children’s facility near Sao Paulo, which is run by his family’s charity foundation – the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. The institution was opened in 2014 and aims to use physical activities and sports to help children in need with their socio-cultural development. There are currently over 2,400 local children that attend the institution. The institution also holds an official relationship with the Barcelona team as they’ve worked together on the club’s “FutbolNet” program, which uses sports as an educational tool for children.

Neymar recently posted a video of him and his father (Neymar Senior) meeting and interacting with local children at the facility. They expressed on the institution’s website the importance of charity work and what it means for the both of them personally and professionally.

“I could not come to Brazil and not visit here. It is my family’s dream and I am always happy every time I visit. It makes me want to keep growing this and doing this the right way. The love I get from the kids, the conversations we have… it gives me strength to return to Barcelona and keep running after more trophies. It makes me really happy to do something for these kids and their families,” said Neymar.

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