People Actually Resent Charity Runners in the Boston Marathon?

The Boston Marathon is a big deal for runners as it’s the highlight for many people’s careers, and there are two ways to enter. You can either qualify by running a lot and getting good times, or you can “buy your way in” by raising $5,000 for charity. Apparently though, there are a lot of […]

Trump Needs to Prove He’s as Charitable as He Claims

A lot of people put stock in how generous others are, using someone’s record of volunteer work or charitable giving to determine how “good” of a person they are. Supporters of Donald Trump, and the candidate himself, have made a lot out of how generous he is and how much he gives to charity. The […]

The HRC Has Lost Sight of Their Mission

The Human Rights Campaign, better known as the HRC, was a very loud proponent for gay marriage, and you’ve probably seen their yellow equal sign on a blue background on cars in more liberal states. But the HRC, despite touting itself as an LGBT organization, has long been criticized for not being supportive of anyone […]

New Law Aims to Bolster Donations in China

The National People’s Congress of China recently passed a new charity law, aimed at bolstering charitable donations in the People’s Republic of China, which ranks 144th out of 145 nations for such donations. The law allows registered organizations, which have been in operation for two years, to appeal to the general public for funds, and […]