The HRC Has Lost Sight of Their Mission


The Human Rights Campaign, better known as the HRC, was a very loud proponent for gay marriage, and you’ve probably seen their yellow equal sign on a blue background on cars in more liberal states. But the HRC, despite touting itself as an LGBT organization, has long been criticized for not being supportive of anyone but white gay men. They have a poor record for diversity within their own organization, and have been accused of sexist hiring practices, and of actively discriminating against transgender people within their ranks.

Recently, North Carolina passed a “bathroom bill” which prevents transgender people from using the bathroom of the gender they identify with, and makes it illegal for municipalities there to provide protections against LGBT people. And the HRC hasn’t done much of anything to combat this bill or, presumably, similar bills in states like Washington. In fact, the HRC has been throwing support to certain, cherry-picked Republicans instead of Democrats who are notably better candidates for LGBT rights.

Over at the Huffington Post, Michelangelo Signorile has pointed out that the Republicans the HRC has been supporting are connected to some big money donors and so, as is often the case in politics, these decisions come down to money. It would seem that the HRC is willing to throw their own people under the bus to secure donations. But that begs the question: if you support an notoriously anti-LGBT party in order to secure a few “good apples” among them so you can get more funding to, ostensibly help LGBT people, what’s the point?

HRC is a perfect example of a non-profit that has lost sight of its mission. One cannot claim to support LGBT people, then support candidates whom though moderately pro-equality themselves, are cogs in the anti-equality Republican machine. Getting donations is not, nor can it ever be, as important to a non-profit as pursing it’s mission. HRC should know that, but they’ve obviously lost sight of their purpose.

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