Trump Needs to Prove He’s as Charitable as He Claims

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

A lot of people put stock in how generous others are, using someone’s record of volunteer work or charitable giving to determine how “good” of a person they are. Supporters of Donald Trump, and the candidate himself, have made a lot out of how generous he is and how much he gives to charity.

The problem is, there’s pretty much no proof whatsoever that Trump actually is charitable. Take the hundred million dollars he supposedly donated (of his own money) in the last five years: there’s no evidence that he has ever actually made a cash donation in that time. His campaign team recently released a 93-page report of the many recipients of his largesse, and while it is an impressive number of groups and people, most of what was “donated” were free rounds of golf at his various courses. And there were many for-profit companies included in that list.

Trump also has a tendency to agree not to build on easements so that they can be preserved for conservation, but that is almost universally property he had not serious plans to build on anyway. He hasn’t even donated any money to his own namesake foundation since 2008.

His advisors claim that he doesn’t want to generate a “feeding frenzy” of charities asking him for money, but the idea that someone like Donald Trump would do anonymously anything that could possibly serve as publicity strains credulity. He’s not a modest man by any stretch of the imagination, and it he were actually donating large sums of his own money, he would be telling us about it, and proving it.

The best way to prove it would be to release his tax filings, something expected of presidential candidates, which he has thus far refused to do. Such filings would show exactly how much Trump has—or more likely has not—donated in the past.

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