Christian Charity President Admits to Embezzling Funds

In 2010, World Ambassadors, Ltd. had its tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS after failing to file an annual disclosure of its income and spending. That may have been because the organization was more of less broke, since co-founder and president Jon S. Petersen had been embezzling funds from the group since 2010. Between then […]

President of Ride for Dime Charity Steps Down Amid Allegations

In 2004, the former guitarist and co-founder of the heavy metal band Pantera, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott was shot and killed while performing with his band Damageplan. The next year, a nonprofit called Ride for Dime was created in his honor, which raises money for other music-related charities and nonprofits. Ride for Dime has been in […]

Raleigh Woman in Trouble for Second Fraudulent Charity

In Raleigh, North Carolina, Jennifer Pierce is again in trouble for posing as a charity to defraud people. Back in 2010, following the earthquake in Haiti, she started a charity called Share Our Shoes to collect and send shoes to needy people in that country. The charity then turned its focus to Nashville, Tennessee that […]

Where Are Trump’s Donations?

Donald Trump is proving, yet again, that he sees charity as a cheap means for publicity, and not a cause he actually believes in. Three months ago, when he refused to attend a debate because he was unhappy with Fox News and held a fundraiser for veterans charities instead. Supposedly that even raised $6 million […]