Raleigh Woman in Trouble for Second Fraudulent Charity

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

In Raleigh, North Carolina, Jennifer Pierce is again in trouble for posing as a charity to defraud people. Back in 2010, following the earthquake in Haiti, she started a charity called Share Our Shoes to collect and send shoes to needy people in that country. The charity then turned its focus to Nashville, Tennessee that same year following floods in that city. They collected thousands of pairs of shoes from a range of donors, including Bob Barker Industries.

But those shoes didn’t go to needy people, and most were sold to third parties. Finding that the non-profit had a lot of questionable expenses, $65,000 or so, the Secretary of State issued a cease and desist against Share Our Shoes to prevent them from soliciting for donations.

Late last year, Pierce was accused of using a fake charity to scam AT&T and Verizon into donating about a million dollars worth of cellphones and tablets, which were subsequently sold for profit. This time she teamed up with former Halifax County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Keonte Knight and a third, unnamed conspirator. The third person handled the actual sale of the devices, with the profits being split between the three of them.

Pierce and Knight were arrested following raids last year, and are still being held with charges pending. The third person is still at large, but the North Carolina Secretary of State won’t comment on the case as it is an ongoing investigation.

As both Pierce and Knight have admitted to wrongdoing in this case, it seems like it should be a pretty easy conviction. Pierce denied wrongdoing in the Share Our Shoes case, and apparently the authorities were unable to actually press charges against her as while the charity was ordered to stop its operations, she seems to have been free to start another fraudulent charity.

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