How to Encourage Gen Xers and Millennials to Be Philanthropic

Baby boomers are starting to move out of the forefront of charitable giving, leaving Gen X and millennials to lead the way in philanthropy. But how do you convince them to use their philanthropic dollars to benefit your organization? First, understand that some actually do have the capability and desire to give. Gen X and […]

How Community Foundations Can Help With Your Charitable Giving

Let’s say you have some money that you want to donate to nonprofits that are working in an area of interest to you. As you know from reading previous articles on this blog, it’s crucial to do your research so that you’re giving to organizations that are well-managed, legitimate, and sustainable. But maybe you don’t […]

Are These Celebrities Really Endorsing Top-Quality Charities?

Celebrity endorsements mean a lot for marketing any organization. Companies will pay celebrities large amounts of money simply for their endorsement of a product. Though most fans have never met their favorite celebrities personally, many people hold these people’s opinions in high esteem. This can be especially powerful with charities. Having a celebrity associated with […]

States Stepping Up Nonprofit Monitoring and Regulation

Nonprofits’ tax-exempt status and their reliance on donations mean that they can, in some cases, be used to commit serious acts of fraud. While such cases are actually pretty rare, there has been a nationwide recommitment on the state level to nonprofit monitoring and investigation, especially in light of a few high-profile fraud cases. Part […]

Amy Winehouse Foundation Opens Home for Women Recovering from Addiction

After singer Amy Winehouse died in 2011 of accidental alcohol poisoning, a foundation was established in her name to help prevent young people from misusing drugs and alcohol. Now, five years later, the Amy Winehouse Foundation is opening Amy’s Place, a home in east London that will help young women who have gone through a […]

Charity Scams: Why Research is Important

When deciding to donate money to a charity, it is more complex than just choosing a charity that claims they support a cause. There are plenty of for-profit organizations marketing themselves as nonprofit organizations in hopes of getting well-meaning but unknowing people to donate money to their organization. A perfect example of this type of […]

Crowdfunding Is More Complex Than You Might Think

Crowdfunding is a huge, growing business, and one that can be very helpful to nonprofits. Crowdfunding websites generated about $34.4 billion in 2015, and that number is expected to hit between $90 and $96 billion by 2025. Following the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting in June, organizations using crowdfunding sites raised millions within a week to […]