Charity Scams: Why Research is Important

Charity scams are a growing problem, and here's one story that shows it.

Choosing a charity requires research to ensure that you’re not involved in a charity scam. Photo: Shutterstock

When deciding to donate money to a charity, it is more complex than just choosing a charity that claims they support a cause. There are plenty of for-profit organizations marketing themselves as nonprofit organizations in hopes of getting well-meaning but unknowing people to donate money to their organization. A perfect example of this type of charity scam was the organization Boobies Rock!

Boobies Rock! and associated Say No 2 Cancer and The Se7ven Group were founded by Adam Shryock. He hired attractive young women to promote his cancer-fighting organizations in bars by selling t-shirts, beer koozies, and other promotional items. Shryock informed the models that 40 to 90 percent of the profits were going to fight cancer. It appears that the models did not know that the organization was a sham.

Shryock’s organization was shut down in 2013 after it was found that he was using this money to live in a multi-million dollar home, buy a BMW, and pay for dating and cleaning services. Boobies Rock! was shut down and Shryock was forced to pay money back as well as pay fines and do jail time.

 Shryock had a previous ban on engaging in work for charitable organizations. Moving on from Boobies Rock!, he chose to get involved in another false charity giving mattresses to refugees. In reality, the organization stole over $1 million worth of mattresses. His partners he opened this “charity” with claimed to be unaware of his previous involvements in charity scams.

The idea of donating money to a cancer charity or helping to provide mattresses to refugees appears to be an honorable and charitable idea. Unfortunately, choosing a charity involves the brain more than the heart. Make sure to research the charities you are considering and do a thorough check of their financials. Any nonprofit should be transparent and provide their financial statements on their website.


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