Amy Winehouse Foundation Opens Home for Women Recovering from Addiction

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is opening a sober living facility for young women recovering from addiction.

Amy’s House is designed to save young women from Amy Winehouse’s fate. Dutourdumonde Photography /

After singer Amy Winehouse died in 2011 of accidental alcohol poisoning, a foundation was established in her name to help prevent young people from misusing drugs and alcohol.

Now, five years later, the Amy Winehouse Foundation is opening Amy’s Place, a home in east London that will help young women who have gone through a treatment program learn to adapt to a life without relying on drugs or alcohol, in order to keep them from relapsing.

The home will support 16 women, ages 18 to 30, who will each go through a three-month-long intensive program and are allowed to stay there for up to two years.

Research has shown that women have a greater chance of relapsing, and lack the same support networks that men have, but despite this there are few existing addiction centers in the UK that focus solely on women.

The goal with Amy’s Place is to provide these young women a safe space in which they can figure out how to live their lives again. Numerous women in gender-specific centers have expressed concern about moving to a mixed-gender location due to previous problems with codependence and abuse.

Amy’s Place, opening August 22, 2016, is being run with help from Centra Care and Support, which is a member of Circle Housing, one of the largest affordable housing providers in the UK. Through their combined effort, they’ll be bringing in women who are already clean and sober but who may be at risk of relapsing. The focus is on the emotional well-being of these young women.

Getting off of addictive substances is only one part of the battle. Relapses are common occurrences, and many programs do little to assist people after they kick the habit, leaving them without the support and education they need to prevent that from happening.

Amy’s Place will provide just that support and education, and hopefully save its clients from Winehouse’s fate.


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