Locks of Love Provides Wigs for Kids

Thinking about a drastic haircut? Chopping off your luscious ponytail? Did you know that you can donate your hair to Locks of Love? Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that helps financially disadvantaged children suffering from medical hair loss. While chemotherapy is the best known cause of hair loss, there are a variety of […]

Obvious Success Doesn’t Always Garner More Donations

  Many people believe people who donate to nonprofits are fixated on success that can be measured in amounts raised or people helped and donate accordingly. Thus, more successful charities get more donations and go on to be even more successful. But the philosophy of giving is much more nuanced than that. The success of […]

Non-Cash Donations Are Also Crucial to Nonprofits

The most common donation charities ask for is money, but a lot of people don’t have extra cash to spare. This doesn’t mean that you can’t support a cause or organization that is important to you. There are plenty of other ways that you can donate to your favorite nonprofit. First, you can offer up […]

Black Rock Solar: Getting Clean Energy to Rural Communities

When people talk about Burning Man, they are generally talking about the festival where 70,000 journey to the desert of Nevada for a week of dust-filled celebration of fire and art. It is less commonly know that the organization that throws the festival is also a nonprofit. And one of its arms is a nonprofit […]

Good Job Postings Require Effort

Nonprofits need to find talented people, just like businesses do, and they often use some of the same channels, like LinkedIn or Craigslist. Nonprofits also have access to other talent search sites limited to them, including Volunteer Match and Idealist. These are great places to look for potential employees or volunteers, or make your needs […]

Grants Available for School Garden Programs

The Whole Kids Foundation, in partnership with Food Corps, is accepting applications for its School Garden Grant Program. This annual grantmaking program supports school garden projects in the U.S. and Canada that teach kids about nutrition and health, sustainability and conservation, food systems, and community awareness. Projects can be in any stage of development from […]

‘Big Philanthropy’ Has an Equality Problem

One of the biggest obstacles to foundation grantmaking is the fact that most foundations’ demographics don’t match those of the people and organizations receiving their grants. In a recent article in The Guardian, Courtney Martin writes that philanthropic organizations like foundations seem to have a double standard when it comes to the donations they make. […]

Planning Ahead Can Help Ease Growing Pains for Nonprofits

Growing a nonprofit can be exciting, giving the organization the opportunity to better pursue its mission. But it can also bring along problems if that growth is not well managed in the first place. Although they have different goals, nonprofits and businesses can learn from each other, and both can benefit from that exchange. While […]

Will Amber Heard’s $7 Million Donation End Up Hurting Her?

Celebrities Amber Heard and Johnny Depp recently settled their divorce, and Heard received a $7 million settlement. She subsequently donated all of that to charity—half to the American Civil Liberties Union and half to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. She specified that the money for the ACLU should go toward preventing violence against women. […]