You Can Help Support the Arts In Your Community

There are many ways to support your local arts community

An artist community in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Photo: Christian Mueller /

In theory, people don’t usually question the value of art and exposure to the arts. This is especially true for children and toddlers. Yet, as public schools receive less and less funding arts and music are usually the first to get cut. When looking at what’s required to pass a standardized test, art appears superfluous. With budget cuts everywhere from small towns to big cities, it has become the responsibility of parents and the local community to place the emphasis on arts and support nonprofits that work in the field of arts and culture.

Combine this with the lack of exposure kids get in schools, and it’s easy to see how the arts are struggling in some areas. Instead of waiting for things to improve, why not see what you can do to help support your local community? There are things you can do even if you don’t have the financial stability to be a large-scale donor.

If you have the funds, purchasing tickets or season passes to a theater or symphony is a great way to support them while also giving you a great option for date nights, exposure for kids, or a gift to give. The same goes for attending fundraising events. Even if you won’t be bidding on anything in the auction, it’s a chance to get out and meet people and enjoy a good meal.

If you don’t have money to give, time is another great way to show your support. Volunteering to be an usher at a community theatre or symphony event gets you in the arts scene without having a fat checkbook. If you have technical skills, consider volunteering to help an arts nonprofit expand their website or social media presence. Are you a small business owner? Maybe you can work together with a community arts group for a mutually beneficial event or showcase.<

No matter what option you choose, the arts are important and have benefits to all members of your community. Get out there today and support your local arts organizations.


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