Trick-or-Treat for Canned Food Instead of Candy

Trick-or-treating for charity is a great way to start your giving season.

Photo: Shutterstock

The holidays are traditionally a season of giving, but for a lot of people, this doesn’t start until November and Thanksgiving. Why not extend the season of giving and start in October? The next few months are a holiday season that revolves around food, dining, and social occasions. Many people go into that holiday season not knowing where the food will come from for these events.

Halloween is a great holiday to get a jump on the feel-good season of giving as well as get the whole family involved in donating their time and efforts to charity.

Are your kids are getting old enough that you feel uncomfortable with them trick or treating, but they aren’t ready to give up on their celebrations? Do your kids have dietary restrictions that make them unable to eat the candy people hand out? Why not go out as a family or with your friends to ask for food for a food bank?

People will often be surprised that folks are using the holiday to help someone else out instead of collect free candy and will be more than happy to donate a can or two. It will also feel great for the group to know that they are doing something to help others.

There are some guidelines as to what types of donations to accept. Perishables are not accepted at most food banks. Neither are things that are unlabeled or in glass containers. They also cannot be open or homemade. Excellent donations include canned vegetables and fruits, diapers, pasta and sauce. Lightweight donations like cereal, rice, and macaroni and cheese boxes are helpful as well.

Once you have your trick-or-treat bags full of food, you can take them to your local food bank for distribution in the coming months.


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