Nonprofit Profile: Union Gospel Mission

The Union Gospel Mission is a religious organization that works to serve the homeless in the greater Seattle area. Their mission is to “serve, rescue and transform those in greatest need through the grace of Jesus Christ.” They do this by following a list of core values: Bold and courageous Diverse brilliance Passionate urgency Strategic […]

Sad About Trump? Donate or Volunteer but Get Out There

For many Americans, the 2016 presidential election was perhaps one of the darkest days in recent memory. Even the most die-hard Donald Trump fans, though, would admit that this has been the most contentious, divisive election cycle in decades. Judging from the nation’s shocked reaction and the numerous post-election protests happening, there is a lot […]

How Does Piecemeal Minimum Wage Legislation Affect Nonprofits?

Cook County, Illinois, is raising its minimum wage, though not at the rate that Chicago did, meaning that the greater Chicago metro area now has three different minimum wages. That’s confusing, certainly and it can cause difficulties for people living and running businesses in those areas. But it’s also indicative of a much larger problem: […]

American Civil Liberties Union: Protecting Americans’ Rights

The American Civil Liberties Union is an incredibly important organization in the U.S. that protects the rights that are enshrined in the Constitution. It was founded in the years after World War I to protect the civil liberties of those who were being rounded up and persecuted in the name of the fear of Communism. […]

Philanthropy Profile: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The belief that every life has equal value is what motivates the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They strive to help all people all over the world lead healthy productive lives. This means different things in different places. In developing countries, this means improving people’s health and helping the lift them out of extreme poverty. […]

Giving Helps in the Short Term, but Can Harm in the Long Term

Americans donate a lot of time, money, and goods to charity, and that’s great. In 2014 alone, we donated $358 billion. But there’s a problem with this as well: sending aid somewhere isn’t always the best way to help with a problem. In fact, it can hurt after a while. Following a disaster like Hurricane […]

Startup Connects Young Lawyers with Nonprofits

CariClub, a startup designed to link junior lawyers with nonprofits seeking associate board members, has just finished a successful round of seed funding. Among its backers: Henry Kravis and Paul Raether of KKR, Todd Gadress of Spark Capital, Ray McGuire of Citigroup, Scott Swif of SLS Capital Management, and David Schulhod of IM Global Films. […]

Should A Donor’s Criminal Actions Tarnish a Charity?

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is planning to return more than $1 million in donations and gifts, which were made with money stolen from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad fund, made by “party animal” Jho Low. In July 2016, Low was implicated in stealing $3 billion from 1MDB, which is earmarked for developing that country. Low and […]