Startup Connects Young Lawyers with Nonprofits

CariClub, a new startup designed to connect junior lawyers with nonprofit boards, is off to a great start.

Photo: Shutterstock

CariClub, a startup designed to link junior lawyers with nonprofits seeking associate board members, has just finished a successful round of seed funding. Among its backers: Henry Kravis and Paul Raether of KKR, Todd Gadress of Spark Capital, Ray McGuire of Citigroup, Scott Swif of SLS Capital Management, and David Schulhod of IM Global Films.

The newly acquired funding will go towards building CariClub’s social network. Expanding their outreach efforts will allow the startup to serve a wider range of industries and areas. The company already has an impressive list of corporate clients, including Davis Polk and Berkshire Capital.

Bruce Cameron, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Capital, loves the idea of combining professional development with philanthropy.

“CariClub is a valuable addition to our existing Corporate Social Responsibility efforts,” Cameron stated. “The support from the CariClub team and the seamless nature of the platform has resulted in an elevated interest in the greater good across almost every level of our organization. With CariClub’s help, we look forward to watching our young professionals evolve into engaged Associate Board Members.”

Thomas J. Reid, managing partner of Davis Polk, expressed similar sentiments.

“Davis Polk lawyers have forever been leaders in the nonprofit community,” Reid stated. “In CariClub, we have found an innovative company that can partner with us to create the next generation of community and firm leaders from among our young lawyers.”

CariClub’s prestigious list of investors has already earned the company widespread media coverage. Bloomberg Law wrote about the startup in early September, claiming that elite law firms are already circling the company.

CariClub has also been featured on NPR, The Huffington Post, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. The company is certainly off to a spectacular start. It just goes to show the power of businesses and nonprofits working side-by-side to support the greater good.


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