Big Changes Coming To the Nonprofit World

Nonprofits will find their missions increasingly important, especially those that work in the social justice field, with the new administration.

Photo: Shutterstock

Many of us in the nonprofit field were no doubt surprised when Donald Trump won the presidential election, especially those whose work is going to get that much harder in the coming years.

Given what we know about Trump’s plans, and with Republicans cementing a majority in Congress and among governors, we can expect that federal funding is going to get tighter. This will be especially true for organizations focused on helping marginalized people or fighting for social justice.

But, as the editors of Nonprofit Quarterly pointed out the day after the election, the world didn’t end and there is still a lot of work to be done. Maybe more work, depending on your viewpoint, but there isn’t really time to waste.

Though Trump won’t take office until January 20, 2017, his victory is already having effects throughout the world, so it’s important that we get down to work while there is still time to do some of it.

NPQ pointed out that, among other things, it important to take stock and make sure that lines of communication are open, between colleagues, between levels of organizations, and to the people and communities they work with.

Take the time to make sure that your organization is on the same page, so that when this new administration takes over, everybody knows what they’re supposed to be doing.

Now is not the time to crawl into a hole and lick our wounds. We need to take a look around at the situation we’re in now and do everything in our power to make sure that our organizations, and the nonprofit field as a whole, is ready for whatever comes next.

The scope of your work—and its importance—may increase, especially if your organization is one that meets basic needs such as food, housing, and medical assistance. But as nonprofits, we have to be able to adapt to whatever challenges and, yes, even opportunities, this election is going to generate. It’s not time to think small.

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